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3 Services That Make Home Renovations Easier

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There’s never a convenient time to do major renovations on your home, but there are myriad ways that you can make it easier for yourself. Whether you should stay in your home or relocate during a renovation can depend heavily on the type of construction your home is undergoing and the projected duration of the construction. You can live through even major projects if you’re willing to adjust your lifestyle a little bit, but some homeowners are more comfortable renting a hotel throughout the renovation. If you are planning on home renovation anytime soon, let’s go over three services that might make your life a little easier in the process.

1. Delivery Water


One major concern many people have during renovations is how the construction will affect their water supply. Certain types of renovations may even require having your tap water shut off for a period of time. If you’re having faucets and other new hardware installed, you can definitely expect to need an alternative to tap water from the sink for at least a couple of days. When you’re choosing a delivery service for bottled water, do your research to ensure that you’re receiving a high-quality product, and don’t overpay because of a water brand name like Fiji. Luckily, you don’t have to go without clean, filtered water, since it’s easier than ever to set up bottled water delivery. Depending on your location, you might be able to have the best bottled water in Canada delivered right to your front door. No matter where you live, it’s a good idea to plan on finding a source for bottled water for any construction project that will affect your ability to drink the water that comes out of your faucets.

2. Maid Service


When you’re in the middle of useful home improvement projects, tidiness may not be a top priority. It can make a big impact on your mental health and your workload when construction is finished if you hire someone to take care of cleaning up for you. If you’re planning on staying outside the house, hiring someone to make sure that everything is in its place when you arrive home is a great way to make your life a little easier. Even if you do plan on being home during renovating your home, it’s worth it to take cleaning off your plate, even if it’s just for the time period while your renovation, or DIY project, is ongoing. Any kind of home upgrade, even new cabinets, light fixtures, or wallpaper, often leaves little bits of debris that even the most careful contractors can miss, so even if you’re just giving a room a fresh coat of paint, it can be worth it to have a cleaning service come by when the work is done.

3. Private Meal Service


A private chef might seem like a luxury, but if you’re in the middle of upgrading your kitchen, you might want to treat yourself to a few days of high-quality meals. Kitchen renovations are one of the most popular types of home upgrades, partially because a modern, updated kitchen increases the value of your home significantly. Appliances (like your refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, and the like) that are new and functional are more appealing to buyers if you decide to sell your home one day. No matter whether it’s kitchen cabinets, a backsplash with ceramic tile, or appliance upgrades, kitchen renovations can make it difficult or impossible to use your kitchen for cooking. Still, relying on take-out and fast food for days or weeks on end is unhealthy and inconvenient. Instead of ordering out or splurging on a restaurant, why not spend on a chef to bring you healthy and nutritious dinner while your kitchen is out of commission? When your kitchen upgrade is finished, you might just want to have your chef show you how to use the oven, too.

Renovating your home can be complicated, which makes it necessary that you find ways to make things easier for yourself where you can. While things like a maid, a meal service, or delivery water might seem like luxuries, they fit into most budgets, and the peace of mind is well worth the extra expense. As a homeowner, you’ll often need to do some renovating to build the house of your dreams. Instead of allowing yourself to be overwhelmed, sit down with professionals and other members of your household to make a plan, and when the time comes to start renovating, don’t forget to give yourself a break.