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We’re Sometimes Daily, and we’re here to share how we light up our own lives and help you ignite your own along the way.

We take a curious, open-minded, and joyful approach to the work that we do here at Sometimes Daily. We trust in the power of “sometimes” – the underlying belief that people can take what serves them, and continuously adapt to their changing influences. We believe in everyone’s ability to be layered and multifaceted, sometimes you’re this and sometimes you’re that. We want to celebrate and value ALL the things that make you, YOU.

“The only way that we can live is if we grow.
The only way that we can grow is if we change.
The only way that we can change is if we learn.”

Light Up Your Soul’s Purpose

With Sometimes Daily

Our Mission is to provide our beloved readers with the information and knowledge they need to empower themselves to live their best lives. Something Daily iis a place to seek inspiration, knowledge, and information on a variety of relatable and valuable topics that are important to all of our lives. Our content offers advice, guides, and the latest news on trends and subjects such as home and family, love and relationships, wellness and self care, and even professional development. Our staff of experts and journalists  are here to inspire and educate you while you are on your journey.

About Us

Meet our Team

Editor in Chief

Before becoming Editor in Chief of Sometimes Daily, Lillia Kendall worked as a freelance contributor, writing and editing for many well-known publications, including Glamour and Real Simple. She helped to launch Sometimes Daily as a collaborative blog, but after several years of acclaimed success, the site took on a more global purpose. Lillia has spoken at industry conferences around the world and shared expert advice with national media outlets.

Senior Director

After graduating from Boston University in 2012, Noelia became a social media manager for many high-profile restaurants and leading businesses in Boston. She took photos, wrote copy, and engaged with patrons and clients. She then worked as a lifestyle writer at Boston Globe, where her focus was health and wellness. She reported on restaurant trends in New England and wrote a weekly “Wellness Wednesday” column spotlighting fitness classes and healthy restaurants and events around the city.

Senior Editor

Sophia is the Senior Editor at Sometimes Daily. Sophia started as a freelance writer while attending the New York University in Manhatten. She has featured bylines in Hello Giggles, Women’s Health, and Marie Claire. Sophia received a Bachelor of Arts in creative writing from NYU and then followed that up with her Master in journalism from UCLA. Sophia is also a fashion designer and contributes regularly to our lifestyle and wellness departments.

Assistant Editor

Stella is our Assistant Editor at Sometimes Daily. Sophia is a wellness coach and content creator based in Brooklyn, New York. Her passion lies in coaching women into and through the many transitions of self, education, career, and family. Prior to arriving at Sometimes Daily, Stella spent several years as a fashion consultant for print and television media. She graduated from Hofstra University and her writing has been also featured in InStyle, Elle, and Glamour.

Content Strategist

Zachary is our content strategist at Sometimes Daily. He is also a freelance lifestyle and culture writer whose work has also been featured in several well-known online publications, like Huffington Post and Women’s Health. While working as a marketing manager early in his career, he began contributing to a variety of blogs and online newsletters. He ultimately decided to pursue a career in writing and content strategy. Zachary lives in Chicago and loves to play tourist on the weekends.

Editorial Assistant

Casey is our Editorial Assistant at Sometimes Daily. He has had bylines and features in Real Simple, In Style, and Glamour Magazine. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, and attended Temple University in Philadelphia before making his way to New York City. Casey is lifestyle, wellness, and style assistant editor. He is also content creator and editorial consultant with a love for all things self-care and mental health.

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