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4 Benefits of Traveling for Seniors

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No two seniors are exactly the same. Where one person may enjoy spending their golden years traveling the country and checking off bucket list destinations, another older adult might be happier with day trips close to home coordinated by their assisted living facility. Regardless of how you or the senior you love choose to spend free time, the truth is that there are benefits to getting out into the world for travel from time to time. This is especially true for seniors. The following is a list of just four of the many benefits seniors can get from traveling whether it be close to or far away from home.

1. Socialization


Whether you live in an amazing Assisted Living Facility with frequent opportunities for day trips and local travel or independently without the need for support services, you and any senior citizens out there have something in common: the need for socialization. Like people of every age, feeling connected to other people and the community is important for older adults. One of the biggest benefits of travel for seniors is that it offers a fantastic opportunity for connection, new experiences, and socialization.

If you’re not a senior but love an older adult, taking them on a trip where they can meet other people and spend time with you and those they love is a great way to let them know how important they are to you. From the memories that you’ll make together and the benefits getting out will offer you, too, taking a trip with the senior you love is almost always a great idea.

2. Active Lifestyle


Traveling even a few times a year is something that can keep a senior active. From doing trip research ahead of time and looking up things like Key to the South or best destinations for older adults, travel is a great way to keep the mind active long before the suitcases are packed. When you’re on your trip, you’ll have plenty of motivation to stay physically and mentally active. From taking pictures to exploring new places and attractions, making travel part of your lifestyle is bound to keep you more active and add up to better overall health.

3. New Memories


Just because someone’s an older adult, it doesn’t mean it’s too late to have adventures. One great thing about travel is that it means memories for the future. Instead of being focused on the past, seniors who travel have memories to look forward to. Maybe you’re reluctant to travel because you aren’t sure you’ll enjoy it the way you did in your youth. Start with a bucket list of fantastic destinations you wish you’d visited in your past. Imagine yourself visiting those places now and the memories you could make. In using travel to erase old regrets, you’ll be sure to be glad you took a chance.

4. Discounts and More


Being an older adult comes with perks. The truth is that travel can be cheaper for retired people. Getting senior discounts by using an AARP card, for example, is a great way to make adventure affordable. When visiting new places, always ask about the senior discount. You might be surprised that some places are even free for seniors!

In the end, regardless of how often you travel or how far you’re willing to go, building travel and day trips into your senior lifestyle is a great way to stay mentally and physically well. In staying active, having something to look forward to, and creating new memories, your golden years are sure to be ones that make the tough times of the past or even the future seem worth getting through. Happy travels to you. May your later years be filled with the adventure you deserve!