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5 At-Home Date Ideas

Date Ideas

As the upsurge in panic increases surrounding the coronavirus, more and more couples are choosing to quarantine themselves. If you’re shacked up with your significant other for the time being, traditional dates are out of the question because all of the non-essential businesses are shut down.

Fortunately, this doesn’t mean at-homes dates are an impossibility. You won’t have the romanticism of horse and carriage rides, trips to the theatre, or the ability to dine out at your favorite restaurants. But that’s okay—the fiasco of this pandemic is temporary. We compiled a list of five unique at-home dates that are likely to pique your interest.

1. Double Dates Via Skype

If you and your loved one are fond of double dating, this idea may appeal to you. Speak with the couple (or couples) you typically go out with and ask if they want to partake in a virtual double date. Both couples can cook the same dinner and watch the same movie—while you are all live on Skype. If you so choose, you can even prepare supper while chatting with your friends. Set up your phone, laptop, or iPad on the dining room table while indulging in your home-cooked meal.

Then, you just have to reposition the angle (or move the device) for movie time. Microwave some popcorn and get ready to snuggle up beneath your favorite throw blanket. This remarkable twist on traditional double dating will allow each couple to find enjoyment and romance throughout the act of being quarantined.

2. Backyard Picnic Lunches

Unfortunately, arranging a picnic at your all-time favorite park is not feasible right now. But why toss the idea of a picnic out altogether? Wait for a warm day, grab your checkered picnic blanket, and sprawl it out on the grass of your backyard. Have fun with it! You can still use your wicker picnic basket to carry your lunch. Sandwiches, grapes, macaroni salad—whatever your heart desires.

If you want, light a few candles to set the mood. Crack open that bottle of champagne you have both been saving for the right occasion. You can make this picnic date special. While you’re at it, why not dress up, too? Ladies, if you have any sundresses in your wardrobe, you may feel content dressing up for the occasion. If that’s not your style, wear your “date attire.” Gentlemen, you might want to opt for the outfit your partner always compliments you on. Remember, this date is only as romantic as you make it.

3. PJ-Day in Bed

When was the last time you and your partner were able to spend the entire day in bed wearing pajamas? If you can’t remember, this might be the perfect at-home date for you. There are two rules. Number one, you can’t talk about stressful situations, like work or COVID-19. Number two, enjoy yourself and relax. You can even decorate your bedroom up like a luxurious hotel room and engage in a little role-play.

Spend the day cozied up under the covers while binge-watching TV shows on Netflix or Hulu. Maybe take a pause—open up the novels you’ve been wanting to read, and enjoy doing so side-by-side. If the mood strikes have a little extra fun in bed. Studies show that sex reduces stress levels and promotes emotional wellbeing.

4. Dinner by Candlelight

You can always go for the old-fashioned vibe and cook your favorite meal together. Before you begin to dine, spark up a few table candles, close the curtains, and dim the lights. You’ll both be sure to find satisfaction in this nostalgic ambiance.

While you’re enjoying the supper you prepared as a couple, you can take the time to ask one another questions or play a board game before dessert. Communication is crucial, especially during a quarantine. You’ll enjoy this at-home date more so if you turn off your cell phones—no interruptions… just the two of you present in the moment. This date will be a pleasant memory for the rest of your lives.

5. Power Outage Date Night

Grab two flashlights and turn off the electricity—it’s power outage date night! Pretending the power is out can make for an enjoyable date with your lover. If you’re decent with arts and crafts, make a wheel of date ideas for the evening. A few examples are setting one of your rooms up as a spa, a cook-off challenge, and DIY wine and paint night. Then, flip a coin to decide who gets to give the wheel a whirl.

No matter what option the wheel lands on, you cannot turn on the lights. Only flashlights are allowed. And since the power is “out,” your cell phones or tablets can’t be charged. Removing technological gadgets from the equation will keep your attention on each other.

At-home dates are an excellent way to keep the romance flowing throughout the tragic happenings occurring worldwide.