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5 Myths About the Sugar Baby Lifestyle

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It’s time to break down those negative and unfounded stereotypes about the sugar babies of this world. In fact, being a sugar baby does not imply that someone is just wandering aimlessly through life, and looking to take advantage of kindhearted folks, and using their looks in exchange for monetary displays of intimacy. Sugar babies are totally normal people. They have college degrees, hold normal jobs, have hobbies, etc. The decision to become a sugar baby can stem from someone’s desire to live a more luxurious and comfortable life than they would’ve without the extra income and gifts — but there are many other reasons why someone would want to be a sugar baby! One thing is for sure: It’s never OK to judge.

Let’s take a look at some commonly held myths regarding the sugar baby.

Sugar babies are “home wreckers”

This widespread and misinformed myth creates a false image for all the sugar daddies and sugar babies out there. This myth claims that sugar babies and daddies are straying from the right path of life, and cheating on their partners. Actually, many sugar daddies are single dudes are too busy juggling the responsibilities of their job to have enough time for marriage or a committed relationship. Sugar dating affords these guys a chance for companionship, without having to put in all the extra time and emotional energy.

Sugar babies are incapable of getting other jobs

This terrible myth suggests that sugar babies are only sugar babies because they didn’t have any luck getting a “real” job. Actually, what often happens is sugar babies use this extra income to help pay off student loans, or just enjoy a more lavish lifestyle than their ongoing job allows for them to do.

Sugar babies are all super skinny and look like models

This ridiculous myth creates the false narrative that for someone to be a sugar baby, they have to look like one of those photoshopped models on the cover of a fashion magazine. Nope. Actually, sugar babies are just normal human beings that come in all different shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. On top of this, we’d add that sugar babies aren’t just women. Men can be sugar babies for sugar mamas as well! (Or male sugar babies or male sugar daddies, as well as female sugar babies or sugar mamas — it’s all inclusive!)

Sugar daddies only want sex

This myth is centered on the idea that sugar daddies are only in the sugar dating game for sex. This couldn’t be further from the truth. As we mentioned earlier, many men are just lonely and too busy with their jobs to put in the necessary time to strike up a relationship. So, with sugar dating, these men (and women) are able to enjoy companionship, in exchange for money/gifts.

Sugar dating is a super risky business

This myth might be one of the most commonly perpetuated myths in regards to the whole realm of sugar dating. Many folks out there will think that their life could be in danger if they put themselves online, and share contact details with people they’ve never met on any of the sugar dating websites. It’s key to keep a clear head, and recognize that most — if not all — of these sites are designed with the explicit framework necessary to keep their users safe. Thus, sugar dating can be as risky as you choose to make it. As with anything in life, exercising caution and common sense before exchanging information with perfect strangers is advisable.

We’ve covered some of the world’s most commonly spread myths about sugar babies. We’d hope that by breaking down these myths and negative stereotypes that more people are able to approach the world of sugar dating with an open mind.

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