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5 Reasons Why Your Next ‘Weight-Loss Vacation’ Should Be in California

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Some people find lazy vacations lounged next to the beach sipping cocktails while catching up on leisure reading the perfect way to hit the reset button. Others may view vacation as the chance to try something new that will benefit them long after the vacation ends. The United States boasts thousands of weight loss clinics and wellness resorts that help people discover the path to good health through weight management. California’s culture is big on wellness and holistic health and several well-known weight-loss spas and healthy living centers call the progressive state home.

There’s a fitness option for everyone

Achieving weight loss goals starts with an overall lifestyle change. You may start off with the best intentions to integrate more physical activity into your routine, but if you don’t enjoy the activity, you’ll quickly lose motivation. Californians believe in fitness that makes hard work feel like play so that you look forward to your next sweat session. From roller derby and aerial fitness, to dance floor workouts and sandbox fitness, discover your fitness muse in California.


Never set foot inside an actual gym

Southern California is notorious for beautiful, sunny weather and the locals love to get their sweat on outdoors. Switch up your crowded, stuffy gym routine and get moving outdoors where you can enjoy fresh air, stock up on vitamin D, see the sites, and meet new people. Runners can enjoy the ocean breeze while running the 22-miles long The Strand along the California coast. If you integrate fitness goals into your lifestyle one literal step at a time, the Santa Monica Stairs is where locals and weekend warriors go to feel the burn. Sand Dune Park in Manhattan Beach offers a unique workout for those eager to burn a sweat scaling a sand dune.


You’ll have an endless sense of support

Taking a weight-loss vacation in Calfornia will help you break from your normal routine, identify unhealthy habits, and allow you to focus on making the lifestyle changes that will help you lose weight for good. You will find an endless sense of support from professional dieticians, trainers, health experts, and fellow wellness enthusiasts.

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California has a retreat for almost everything

Travelers flock to California for the promise of achieving a higher level of health, fitness, and inner wellness. The Golden State is dotted with retreats of all kinds, from boot camp style programs and detoxifying spa experiences to sweat lodges and yoga retreats.

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Health is trendy in California

Calfornia has been setting health trends in the United States for years. The state was first to require smog checks for clean air, pass anti-tobacco initiatives that ban smoking in public places, require student-athletes to get medical clearance following a head injury, banning teens from using tanning beds, and banning the sales of shark fins and caffeinated beer. The Golden State is a champion for all things health and wellness, making it the best option for your next weight loss vacation.

If you want to swap the classic vacation for a weight-loss vacation, look no further than California.