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5 Things That Can Happen When You Don’t Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

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Were you involved in an accident in the workplace? Maybe a car crash is keeping you laid up in bed? If you have found yourself in an accident resulting from someone else’s negligence, you may have gotten a claim covered by an insurance company or were placed on workers’ compensation. You may have decided to avoid filing a personal injury case to stay out of court and get on with your day-to-day life, but the truth is you are missing out by not consulting with and hiring a personal injury attorney.

1. Reducing Your Chances in Court


It doesn’t cost anything to look up a personal injury lawyer in Illinois or anywhere else in the United States. Not having an attorney on your side after a car accident or workplace incident could leave you susceptible to lawsuits from the actual negligent parties, resulting in more spending on a personal injury claim without fair compensation for yourself. This can add additional bills on top of your existing medical bills. You don’t want to spend time as a defendant when you can just be the plaintiff in a case and collect from insurance companies and negligent third parties.

2. Lowering Possible Settlement Amounts


You may be satisfied with the money you’ve gotten to replace your vehicle after an auto accident, but there’s actually more compensation to be had. Personal injury lawyers will review the ins and outs of your case to check for the legal options at hand, ranging from a settlement to going through with a personal injury trial. Take for example a medical malpractice case. An insurer may not offer full compensation of medical expenses, and an attorney may be able to determine how far back issues in health care existed, garnering a higher number for maximum compensation.

3. Wasting More Time


You may have avoided hiring an attorney to avoid spending so much time in court, but the truth is legal representation takes some of the burden off you and your family members to go through bills, case files, and other information. If you’ve filed a claim after a car accident and aren’t receiving the financial compensation you deserve, a personal injury attorney will offer consultation and a path to not only account for your vehicle but injuries suffered behind the wheel. Attorneys will look into accident reports as well as local statutes that can lead to a greater financial return for clients.

4. Wasting More Money


You may have avoided hiring a personal injury lawyer because of the cost of legal fees, but most law firms will offer up a free consultation, as well as a payment plan based on the time involved in this legal action and the settlement amount received after the legal process. If you’re suffering from workplace injuries, you should consult an attorney other than the one offered to you by your employer through workers’ compensation rights. It’s a matter of finding a personal injury attorney that recognizes your current financial situation and needs as an injured victim.

5. Added Stress


Just like when common gym injuries sideline you from weightlifting and regular workouts, a potential case can be stressful. However, that stress doesn’t have to be yours to carry alone as so much weight. A personal injury attorney can take care of even the most complex of situations to get maximum compensation from the responsible party. This will also allow you time to focus on recovery from injuries, whether they were suffered in a car accident or on the job. Knowing someone else is handling the behind-the-scenes elements of legal action will provide a victim with some peace of mind.