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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Homewood, Alabama

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Homewood, Alabama, is a suburb of Birmingham and located along the Red Mountain ridge. It has a population of slightly over 25,000 making it a fair size city despite being small next to Birmingham. Homewood has been greatly impacted by economic downturns and is going through a period of revitalization. 

Here are five things you may not have known about Homewood, Alabama. 

1. It had to fight not to be annexed into Birmingham. 

From 1959 to 1966, Homewood endured multiple elections, and legal battles as Birmingham fought to annex them into part of the city. It was put on the ballet a total of three times. Two of those times, the voters turned down the idea of annexation by a wide margin. The second election was ruled null and void due to questions regarding the legality of the election process and voter irregularities. 

2. Downtown went through a renovation with Soho Square. 

Soho Square sits on five acres of property along 19th street in Homewood. The project is a mixed-use area, including the new city administration building along with restaurants, shops, and small businesses. The movement towards this project started years ago as part of a revitalization effort and to attract more visitors to Homewood. It now creates a downtown destination that is pedestrian-friendly and makes the downtown parks and greenspaces easily accessible. 

Although the downtown space was designed with visitors in mind to boost economic growth, it also comes with great benefits to residents as they will have more options and opportunities without having to leave the city. The square also includes over 70 condos, which were all sold before development.

3. Homewood has an active historic preservation society. 

The Homewood Historic Preservation Commission works tirelessly to raise funds to advocate for the history of the town. Their efforts include educating residents and visitors of the town’s history, as well as working to ensure the preservation of historical sites, cemeteries, and landmarks. They host various entertainment events, including films throughout the year, to raise money for town preservation. Although organized and run by volunteers, they work in conjunction with the city administration towards a common goal. 

4. Homewood has its school system. 

This may not seem newsworthy, but most areas throughout Alabama have county large county schools, and all the students in every city that makes up the county go to the same school district. While there are economic advantages to this system, there are also disadvantages, including the size of the schools and the number of students. In 1970, the city created its school system, so they were no longer part of the Jefferson County system with Birmingham. 

5. Homewood is a great place to visit. 

When people think about Alabama, they think about Birmingham because it is such a big city with a rich history in the south. Due to its proximity, Homewood is an ideal place to stay and visit so you can still visit the big city without having to stay in it. You can stay at a hotel in Homewood and then travel into Birmingham or other surrounding areas during the day. You can find everything you might need from churches and clinics to iPhone repair in Homewood, AL. uBreakiFix is at 1919 28th Ave S #141 Homewood, AL 35209 and you can call them at (205) 870-8858. They cater to both residents and visitors.

When planning your vacation, be sure to schedule in a visit to the Red Mountain and other natural areas for hiking and sightseeing, as well as a tour of the historical sites, and a trip to Soho Square. 

Given its location in Alabama, there is a wide range of historical sites and cultural activities you can enjoy and participate in. There are colleges in the area you can tour, sporting events, and much more.