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5 Ways to Give Your Bathroom Remodel An Air of Luxury

Bathroom Remodel An Air of Luxury

The stress of a bathroom remodel will seem a lot less frustrating if you have an enticing final product waiting for you at the end of the process. Whether you’re dreaming of bubble baths or fixtures you never imagined you could have in your own home, you’ll find that the light of the end of the tunnel—your brand-new, luxurious bathroom—is enough to get you through even the most challenging parts of a remodel.

1. Choose the right company.


When you set out to renovate your bathroom, your top priority should be finding the right contractor and other professionals to finish your project successfully. Suppose you’re planning your luxurious bathroom remodel in Milwaukee, for example. In that case, you‘ll want to ask your fellow homeowners for recommendations or seek out the most well-reviewed experts in the area. The last thing you want is to have your shower installer mess up your new shower just because you didn’t seek out the best pros in Milwaukee or your particular location.

2. Find the best furnishings.


From your tub and toilet to your flooring and countertops, your dream bathroom requires the best furnishings and fixtures you can find. But, just as importantly, you want to ensure the appliances and accessories in your bath remodel work together. For instance, if you turn to Luxstone’s Lux Bath for the opulent bathtub or shower you’re envisioning, you don’t want to pair it with a faucet you don’t love, or shoddy quality work in your remodel.

3. Add some frivolous details.


As you plan your renovation, you want your new bathroom to be truly luxurious. To make that happen, you need to include a few exquisite details. It doesn’t matter if your space is more abundant than is necessary. So, get that towel warmer, the heated floors, or the other details of a master suite that you never dreamt of having. It doesn’t matter what anyone else has to say about your space—all that’s important is whether you’re in love with it.

4. Incorporate all five senses.


When you envision your new luxury bath, what do you picture? Perhaps you’ll lie in a tub of Epsom salt, the scents of essential oils like lavender wafting through the air. You might sip a glass of wine to the sound of light rain, all in the glow of a flickering candle. For your new bathroom, you’ll find you get the best results with a self-care space that includes each of your senses. From fragrance to flavor, make sure your new bath considers your comfort in all its forms.

5. Seek out inspiration.


As you plan your bathroom remodel, spend some time browsing your favorite social media platform for inspiration. Scrolling through Pinterest, Instagram, or your website of choice, you never know when you might find the perfect aesthetic for your new bathroom. It might be perfectly folded linens lining the shelves or accent colors that transform your bathroom design entirely. Whatever the details that catch your eye, your new and improved bathroom can unite your dream aesthetic with the unique preferences that make your home yours.

From the right contractor to the luxury bath and fixtures you’ve been dreaming of, the ideal bathroom design for you can be the gateway to an assortment of luxurious home improvement projects. From a beautiful, spacious new tub to lounge in after a long day at work to a shelf of toiletries scented with lavender, your new bath and bathroom will be your new favorite space in the house—that is, until you find it’s inspired another remodeling project to create a home overall that offers that same appeal.