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5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity No Matter Where You Work

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Increasing productivity is often a goal managers have for employees or employees have for themselves. When you’re more productive, you get more done, make more money, and feel better about your work. If you’re looking to increase your productivity, here are five simple and effective ways, no matter what you do for work.

Try therapy to help you focus and stay centered

When your mental health is all over the place, it’s difficult to focus. You can’t get out of bed or you sit down at the computer and just scroll through social media instead of starting your work. Try finding an amazing therapist with WithTherapy. The right person can provide you with the skills you need to feel mentally and emotionally healthy. You’ll learn more about yourself and what you need to succeed. If you’re suffering from depression, a therapy animal can help you feel happier. Therapy dogs comfort and provide emotional support. Having a therapy animal and a great therapist will leave you feeling amazing and ready to tackle the dog.

Use Objectives and Key Results to set and reach goals

Maybe you lack organization and structure. You don’t know what to do when it’s time for work and you’re not growing as an employee or business owner. Try using an OKR tool to create a strategic plan for your work. It’s fairly simple to set and reach goals. Come up with an objective, which is the goal you’d like to meet. Then identify the key results that will help you reach that objective. If you’d like to grow your customer base by 50%, for example, your key result would be to engage five new clients a week. Make sure you’re identifying the right goals. They should be attainable and a little bit audacious. It’s okay if you aren’t able to grow by 50% at the end of the month as long as you’ve been making progress and engaging new clients. The productivity boost from using an OKR tool will do wonders for your work.

Set up the perfect office space

The right office space should automatically boost your productivity. Create a space that’s away from other members of the house if you’re working from home. Maintaining consistent (and normal) work hours in your home office will keep you on track. Have a desk with a comfortable chair and make sure the internet signal in your office is strong. Get as much natural light as possible and when the workday ends, leave everything in your office. If possible, set up a work phone at home. This will help you stay focused on business when it’s between the hours of nine and five and focused on family when the workday is over.

Take short breaks frequently

Taking short breaks can actually help improve your focus. You will quickly lose steam if you sit at your desk for eight hours straight. You might be fine on Monday, but by Friday you’ll be burnt out and unproductive. You’ll also find it a challenge to do anything after work hours if you try to focus nonstop. When you take short breaks throughout the day and a longer break at lunch, you’ll become more productive and engaged with your work and happier to be getting things done. Tell yourself that you’ll do 30 minutes of work and then take a five-minute break. It might be just what you need to get through the day.

Limit distractions

Many people are unproductive because they’re often distracted. They check their email constantly or worse, their social media accounts. If you’re always distracted by your cell phone, try placing it in another room. Leave your phone in the kitchen. When it’s time for a break, you can grab a cup of coffee and check your phone briefly. Don’t give yourself access to any distractions when you’re trying to be productive.

No matter your line of work, you can become more productive. With the right atmosphere and a little self-help, you can crush your workdays.