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5 Ways to Update Your Beauty Routine

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In the words of Beyoncé…”Baby, let me upgrade you.”

It never hurts to add a few new, exciting changes to your daily beauty routine. The beauty industry keeps evolving, and new essential products are being created for your benefit. So why not explore what all else is out there? Take a look around, you’re likely to be intrigued!

1. Make CBD part of your daily routine.

Do you know what’s really a beautiful look on you? Peace of mind.

Cannabidiol – commonly called CBD – is a cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. This natural remedy provides pain management and stress relief, and quickly became an essential supplement in the wellness industry. There are several ways to use this supplement. You can do this by consuming edibles, smoking hemp joints and hemp flowers, or applying tinctures onto your skin as well as adding it to drinks or food for digestion.

In addition to providing you with ease for your mental health, CBD also has several benefits for your skin. Vitamins A, D, and E (all essential for skincare) are found in CBD, as well as having fatty acids and anti-inflammation properties. Many brands such as PlanetEarthCBD create incredible CBD products for the beauty industry. This company offers a hemp-derived tincture that would make a great addition to your everyday skin routine!

2. Experiment with some magnetic eyelashes.

A good eyelash can take your look a long way, and lash extensions have always been a fun way to add a little flare to your real lashes. Although mascara and eyeliner have done their parts in enhancing the beauty of your natural lash line, traditional falsies are evolving quicker than ever before. Hence, say hello, magnetic lashes!

Get your hands on these new, all-the-rage false lashes from companies such as Glamnetic who are revolutionizing the future of beauty by selling magnetic eyelashes, and the reviews are raving! Not only are these falsies super innovative with their tiny magnets and magnetic strips, but they also help add more oomph to your natural lashes.

3. Indulge in face masks.

You don’t need to visit the spa to give your face rejuvenating treatments. Dermatologists have recommended that you apply a face mask once to twice a week (followed by a moisturizer afterward) in order to practice a good skincare regime. If you’re in need of a new beauty compartment to stock up on for your next at-home pamper day, here are a few brands to consider:

  • Urbn Naturals: This brand’s rose clay mud mask increases circulation in your skin while improving new cell growth
  • Agrestal Beauty: You may be familiar with sipping a delicious turmeric-infused tea, but this clay mask invites you to feel that similar sensation on your face as well!

4. Check for expiration dates.

Remember, anything sweet spoils eventually. This includes your makeup!

As much as it may pain you to throw out your favorite tube of mascara or lip liner, it’s necessary that you do if it’s past its sell-by date. Makeup can trap bacteria on your face, which can cause your skin to break out, become irritated, and even cause infections in extreme cases. If you’ve been using the same makeup for a while, be sure to check the expiration date on the label. It’ll give you the number of months you can safely use your makeup, starting from when you first initially open it.

Look on the bright side, if you find some expirations among your goodies, it’ll be the perfect time to restock your makeup collection!

5. Add oil to your routine.

Oils, which are often full of Vitamin E, can act as a great moisturizer for your skin if you want to take a break from creams or lotions. Here are a few good oils to start with:

  • Argan Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Rosehip Oil