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8 Ways to Cultivate More Intimacy in Your Marriage

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Intimacy is a key building block in your relationship with your partner. Unfortunately, intimacy doesn’t just appear out of thin air. It takes time and effort to cultivate the desired levels of intimacy within your relationship. It’s important to remember that intimacy is beyond sex. There are actually different types of intimacy that work to make it whole. Intimacy in its truest form encompasses emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental aspects of your well-being. What’s critical is that you foster all of these different areas with your partner so that you both feel a level of closeness and connection that simply can’t be matched. If you’re trying to work towards this goal you need help where to start. Continue reading to learn eight ideas that will help cultivate the intimacy levels you’ve been hoping for.

1. Create time to listen.


Part of feeling connected to someone is trusting them. However, even if you’ve been with your partner for quite some time, trust takes time to build. You have to remember to build your trust through connection and create a safe space for one another. When your partner has a need or desire, hear them out. You must have conversations that are meaningful to one another so that you’re on the same page with your ideas and needs forward. This type of mental intimacy is arguably one of the first steps to building an unmatched intimacy.

2. Consider talk therapy.


Just like mentioned above, talking to one another is an incredibly important part of cultivating intimacy within relationships. Even though you want to speak and listen to your partner, sometimes it’s challenging to voice these conversations and needs because you don’t want to step on each other’s toes. That’s where a licensed therapist comes into the picture. Counseling provides a safe space where a mental health professional can help you find ways to speak to your partner, figure out how to solve problems, and even create long-lasting solutions for your relationship and your children. This is especially important if you and your partner are struggling because it might affect your children too. If you’re looking for therapists in Northern Virginia, consider this counseling group. It’s time to get you and your child, even if you have an adolescent child, the help they may need to feel close and connected with your family again. Go ahead and give a therapist a call to help with therapeutic services, anxiety disorders, talk therapy, and a special treatment plan to cultivate the intimacy your entire family needs.

3. Go on dates.


Another way to cultivate intimacy within a relationship is to give extra attention to it and have some fun along the way. When you’re in a relationship for a long time period of time, it’s challenging and normal to want to get that spark again. Just because things might feel difficult doesn’t mean that they’re impossible. So, to create a spark between you and your partner again, you should try to prioritize dating them versus just ‘being together.’ Go on dates at least once a week or however much your time schedules allow. These dates are a sacred time for you and your partner to connect and feel excitement instead of feeling dull and boring in your old routines.

4. Improve your sexual performance.


Physical intimacy is another pillar of intimacy that can’t be ignored. When it comes to cultivating physical intimacy, there are a lot of factors that can help or hinder performance. Things like stress and poor diet can harm sex drive and overall quality of life, whereas relaxation and healthy lifestyle habits create a better effect on both. However, if your male partner experiences low libido or erection problems it might be time for them to try a male enhancement supplement that can improve their sexual performance. This Semenax review video will help you determine if it’s the right male enhancement product for you. Semenax comes in capsules made from amino acids and natural herbs. In the Semenax review, you’ll see that all of these supplements will potentially increase semen, ejaculate volume, and orgasm intensity.

Overall, you should always check with a doctor before taking any male-enhancement supplements to make sure they’re okay for your specific needs. If you get the go-ahead, then you’ll be on the road to a better, longer-lasting, and more confident sex life that makes both you and your partner happier and closer to feeling intimate.

5. Buy a great mattress.


Hand in hand with the physical intimacy is feeling comfortable. If neither of you is getting high-quality sleep at night, then it’s likely you’re not feeling your best for yourself throughout the day. Let alone, you’re not able to perform mentally or sexually with your partner. So, if your mattress has you tossing and turning in back pain every night, it’s time to get a new one. Opt for indulgent comfort in your new mattress, and check out Stearns and Foster mattress sales. Foster mattresses carry a variety of specialty mattresses like hybrid coil memory foam, indulgent memory foam only, and traditional coil-only mattress options. Another plus, if you enter your email address on their site you’ll receive a discount on your new Foster mattress. This purchase is a commitment and positive change to get the level of sleep that both you and partner need so you can focus on feeling your best for yourselves and one another.

6. Put the phone down.


This might seem like an obvious idea, but it’s surprising how much phones and technology get in way of feeling connected. Nothing feels worse than when you’re voicing an opinion or thought and the person you love is staring down at their phone instead of focusing their attention on you. To make matters worse, cell phone usage is a big negative for fostering connections within relationships and for your own mental health. As a simple tip, if someone is speaking to you and wanting to cultivate conversation, put the phone away.

7. Suprise your partner with something sexy.


You want to surprise your partner because after all, you like to feel confident and sexy. If you’re wanting to buy yourself some new thong underwear, now’s the perfect time to do so. Showing off this underwear is a surprisingly sexy break in the routine, but it’s also taking care of yourself a bit. Consider buying lace thongs or another type of thong underwear that will wow your partner and surely spark some intimacy. You’ll find a variety of different underwear styles for truly any woman’s preferences. For example, Soma carries thongs, briefs, high leg bikinis, and shapewear. So go ahead and treat yourself to some new thongs or other sexy underwear that has the potential to enhance your physical intimacy.

8. Let them know how you feel.


As you can see, intimacy is all about the little details. It would be much easier if it were one simple fix, but as with most things in life, it just isn’t that simple. If there’s one important thing to remember, it’s to be open with your partner. Tell them how you feel. Let them know how much you care about them, and let them know how they make you feel. Make sure that this loving dialogue is happening and that it’s reciprocated so that you to strive for true intimacy in all of its forms. In turn, you’ll also reach your optimal quality of life together through your undying love and care.