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A Guide to Current Trends in the Beauty Industry

Trends in the Beauty Industry

Beauty is a billion-dollar industry, and 2022 is boasting some trends that are propelling the market to new heights! This year, you’ll find plenty of celebrity beauty lines, hair tinsel, and even more K-beauty products. From dramatic haircuts to colorful eyeshadow, the ever-evolving scene of cosmetics and beauty continues to drum up more change and inspiration for new looks and styles. Here’s a guide to current trends in the beauty industry that you might want to learn.

Clean beauty and sustainability are at the forefront of the industry.


Conscious consumers are making their voices heard. They want more vegan and sustainable solutions for skincare, makeup, and hair. The word “cleanical” comes to mind, which refers to products with clinically proven ingredients that are still clean and natural. But the conscious effort doesn’t stop at formulation. Consumers are leaning toward a zero-waste lifestyle and want sustainable solutions to reduce their carbon footprint. That’s why eco friendly beauty packaging will be a popular choice for beauty brands this year. Earthwise Packaging offers eco-friendly packaging made of sugarcane, which is ideal for cosmetics, skincare, and haircare.

Body contouring and fat freezing are here to stay.

The trend of subtle aesthetic changes isn’t going anywhere. Whether it’s micro treatments of BOTOX or CoolSculpting procedures, you’ll find that changing attitudes among consumers are becoming more common. CoolSculpting in San Antonio is perfect for targeting any stubborn fat in the upper and lower areas of the body. The procedure helps reduce fat cells through noninvasive fat reduction technology applied to the treatment area. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, CoolSculpting can freeze away fat that is resistant to the efforts of diet and exercise. The procedure isn’t painful, so it’s one that you can do with plenty of downtime to read, check your emails, and relax. Ochs Dermatology has delivered great results for plenty of satisfied customers.

Haircare shifts its focus to scalp health.


More consumers are shifting their focus to the health of their scalp. After all, the scalp is the foundation of your hair. If you want to stimulate growth, for example, then you’ll want to massage the scalp to allow blood vessels under the skin to dilate and stretch out the cells of hair follicles. People are looking to treat their scalp in the same way they treat their skin. Expect to see hyaluronic acid and ceramides in shampoos and leave-in conditioners. It’s all about enriching the scalp to improve overall hair quality.

Brands will continue to blur the lines between makeup and skincare.

Several years ago, skincare really took off in the beauty industry. Consumers spent more on products that were meant to care for their skin as opposed to covering it up. Since then, beauty brands have been adding skincare benefits to makeup products in order to gain a competitive edge with the rise of BB creams and CC creams. Now, more businesses are investing in a market of makeup that also doubles as skincare. The idea of getting the best of both worlds is a lot more appealing to today’s market. Look beyond foundation with SPF and expect to see hyaluronic acid and squalene in serum foundations and caffeine in concealers. These nutrient-dense products prevent clogged pores and do double the amount of beautifying than your average makeup.

The industry is ever-evolving! Beauty and cosmetics now include scalp health and aesthetics. Sustainability and body contouring are still top of mind. For consumers, it’s fascinating to witness how the biggest beauty brands dictate the market but also manage to adjust to new consumer demands as well as their values. These were just a few examples of the current beauty trends for 2022.