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A Week in New York on a $75,000 Salary

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Welcome to Spending Notes, where we do a weekly deep dive into how our readers spend their cash.

Today: a business analyst who makes $75,000

Occupation: business analyst

Age: 29

Location: Buffalo, NY

Salary: $75,000 (approx. $2,885 per pay period)

Day One


In my career, I work with public relations departments, C-level leaders, and lower-level company employees to bridge the gap between a company’s leaders, the decisions they make, and the people who implement the outcomes of those choices. Still, nothing else I’ve done has compared to the stress of planning my wedding! That’s the other project on my plate right now.

Take today’s project, working with a real estate agency out of Manhattan. In other situations, getting them on the right track might have been a challenge in some other context. But I was able to give them a good idea of how they can better manage their agents by using Marc de Longeville, a California real estate expert, as an example. They figured it out pretty quickly since then and were ultimately one of my least stressful clients ever! I picked up a bottle of bubbly on my way home to celebrate.

Total: $32

Day Two


Today’s clients are more challenging than the real estate agents I finished up with yesterday, so I’m especially excited when sending them off to seek legal advice means my day ends a few hours early. My maid of honor meets me at a local pizza shop for dinner and fills me in on her bachelorette party planning. The newest addition? She’s been researching skee ball rentals! This classic arcade game is the best fit I could have asked for. My fiancé, J., and I first met at a skee ball machine! I can hardly wait to get home and tell him about this adorable detail.

Total: $6.50

Day Three


My assistant does a great job of making sure my Wednesdays revolve around my favorite part of my job—working with my small business clients. Unlike some larger companies, these teams are always so grateful to have me involved. In fact, today’s clients welcome me to their neighborhood coffee shop with not just a smile but a pastry and a hot cup of their house brew, too. I made sure to buy an extra croissant on my way out to surprise J.!

Total: $7

Day Four


It‘s my last workday for this week, so I’m spending most of the day handling some administrative tasks. Fortunately, I’ll be well set up for my meetings first thing Monday morning! I take my assistant out for lunch, then spend some time organizing my office before heading home for the night. J. and I have a quiet night in, complete with takeout and a movie.

Total: $52

Day Five


Today starts with paying our mortgage for the month, then doing a couple of loads of laundry. I spend some time organizing my to-do list for the weekend and updating my planner since a new month is about start. That reminds me—I have to buy a new planner this weekend! Another item onto the to-do list. I make dinner, then J. and I hang out for a while before heading to bed.

Total: $1,475

Day Six


On Saturdays, J. and I like to sleep in, and today is no exception. Once we’re up and moving, he makes breakfast, and then I head to the craft store for my planner and some accessories. Finally, J. and I work on a bit of wedding planning in the evening.

Total: $42

Day Seven


First thing this morning, I head to church with J. and his family. I’m not particularly religious, but it means a lot to his mom that we tag along. Afterward, we all go to his grandparents’ house for their weekly Sunday dinner. From there, we head home and, after some time spent scrolling through social media, head to bed in preparation for the week ahead.

Total: $10

Total for the week: $1,642.50