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Affordable Professional HVAC Services for Your Home

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Equipping your home with a good HVAC system will ensure you and your family will stay fresh in the summer months and warm during the winter. In addition to that, your HVAC system will keep your indoor air quality in good condition to prevent triggering allergies and debris from building up inside your system. If you have an air conditioner or furnace and are looking for affordable professional HVAC services for your home, Kimbro Air is the right fit for you.

Kimbro Air is a family-owned company that provides its clients with the best services that meet and exceed their highest standards. They offer energy-efficient products, commitment to superior services, and highly trained technicians who will ensure your HVAC system is working in its best capacity. Simply describe what issues you’re facing with your HVAC, and they will present you with solutions like repairs, installations, or maintenance options.

Here are some of the affordable professional HVAC services that Kimbro Air offers you today.

HVAC Repair


Your air conditioner may suddenly stop working, blow hot air, or simply start leaking. Additionally, your furnace may be making strange noises or not regulating your temperature properly within your home. These can all be signs that there is something wrong in your HVAC system that’s preventing the AC from working properly. While you can continue each day hoping for the best to happen so you can get your HVAC system to work, you may have to call the pros at Kimbro Air to repair it and get your home back to comfort.

HVAC Maintenance Services

Moreover, Kimbro Air offers maintenance services. For example, if your air conditioner is in dire need of cleaning, regular maintenance, or annual checkups, Kimbro Air can do just that, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can prevent spending hundreds of dollars on repairs by regularly maintaining your HVAC system. These checkups will ensure that there aren’t any unusual sounds coming from the system, that the air quality in your home is as it should be, and that your energy bills are not skyrocketing any time of the year.

Installation of Ductless HVAC Systems


Kimbro Air can also help you install ductless HVAC systems. Mini-split options can help you save a lot of money and time, and they’re convenient for any type of home if you’re looking to use them in individual rooms. They allow you to easily control the temperature in each room or simply turn them off to conserve more energy. As the name implies, ductless HVAC systems do not use the large ducts that are needed for central air conditioning systems. They are much easier to maintain and install and can save you money on your utility bills each month.

Indoor Air Quality

Furthermore, Kimbro Air can help you manage the quality of the air inside your home. An air conditioning or furnace system can help clean and maintain the quality of your indoor air by filtering out viruses, dust, debris, and pollen, among other allergens. Keeping your HVAC system in good shape will keep your air clean. If you do not maintain your HVAC properly, you may see increased cases of allergies among your family members and yourself, in addition to dirtier vents, ducts, appliances, furniture, and floors.

Thermostat Installation


Lastly, Kimbro Air is equipped with the latest thermostat technology so you can keep yourself and your loved ones cool or warm with the touch of a button or a tap on a screen. They will expertly install your new thermostat from manufacturers like Honeywell and Daikin to keep your air flowing at your control.

Don’t hold back from a solid HVAC system repair or maintenance service that Kimbro Air can offer.