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Creative Bank and Credit Union Marketing Ideas

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People tend to be critical of advertisements. With the modern world as saturated as it is with advertisements, it can be difficult to come up with advertisements that are impactful for any given person. Advertising a bank also comes with the additional difficulty of having to overcome negative stereotypes that banks usually face; which is to say, those of greed and loans. Banks are nonetheless an integral part of society, and with that in mind, it can be easy to see how it might be difficult to convince people to choose your bank over another. Here are a few unique ways you can market your bank or credit union that you’re client will remember.


Sponsoring or creating events that relate to your bank or credit union could be a good way to advertise. Marketing yourself not only as a bank but as an employer is important. An original social event where a visitor benefits from attending like a barbeque might be helpful, but even just a casual meet-and-greet could be a good way to further the social networking of your bank, as well. If organizing an original event isn’t a good fit for your bank, sponsoring one instead might be a good idea. Sponsoring a sporting event is one possibility, though a more humble local event like a charity 5-kilometer athletic event should not be discounted as a possibility,  either.


Unique gifts or other promotional items might also be a good way to help your bank or credit union stand out from the rest. Such items could be given out for free by a receptionist, or they could be gifted to people who have kept an account open for some a period of time. Custom pocket folders from Mines Press are one example of such items, with others including mundane office supplies like pens or pencils or even “piggy” banks and plush toys for children’s bank accounts. Even an informative leaflet made for a potential patron to read can be a good way to get people talking about your bank or credit union. Gifts of any kind that you can give out to your patrons are a great way to market your bank. 

Online activities

There are also a few ways you can make otherwise standard marketing techniques more memorable. A presence on the internet is important, of course, but giving that presence a little bit of extra flair can make a difference. An internet scavenger hunt utilizing social media, for example, can be an entertaining way to get a potential patron to spend time on your website or business social media profile. For such an event it would be prudent to temper your expectations if real-life participation is required. If you choose to include such an aspect in your marketing anyway, though, you should make sure that the associated rewards are tangible enough to be worth the effort. One of the previously discussed gift items could be such a reward, and more substantial rewards should only be included at your discretion depending on the patron time investment required.

If you are marketing for credit unions, you should not feel limited to traditional means of marketing like SEO or paid advertisements. Going out of your way to make sure your bank or credit union’s patrons feel like they are being included in the goings-on of your business can be a great way to encourage positive word of mouth marketing. Conveying the benefits and values of your business is important, and while it is easy to go overboard on marketing you should still try to make the most of what your advertising budget will allow.