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Doing These Things Will Improve Your Creativity

Improve Your Creativity

We’re often told that we are either good at certain things, or we’re not. Some people are sporty, some people aren’t. Some people are artsy, some people aren’t. But what if such skills aren’t as binary as we might think?

There are some easy steps that we can take to boost our creativity and help anyone break into some new creative skills that they might have thought were out of reach before.

Find What You Like

Do you ever see a piece of artwork on Instagram and wish you could replicate it? Have you bought a gorgeous clay pot and wanted to create something similar for yourself? Do you love the popping colors of acrylic on canvas? Take note of what parts of other people’s creativity bring you joy. These are going to be the areas where you can let your passion, curiosity, and excitement run riot.

Once you know what you like, look online for video tutorials or a step-by-step workshop that will break down the process for you. When we look at the end result of something, it can be hard to think of it as something attainable. Find out exactly what method was used to create what you love, whether it’s hand-made pottery skills or watercolor painting, and note down what you need.

Paint Loose is a great next step for your creative journey. Whether it’s watercolors or an acrylic palette that grabs you, you can find it all here, ready and waiting for your fingers to try. It’s often the small details that can make or break a passion for creativity, so you want to make sure you get the best art supplies and DIY kits possible, so you don’t fall out of love with creating early on. Simply needing a bigger brush or a slightly different color palette shouldn’t stop you from living out your creative dreams.

Give Your Brain its Best Shot


Creativity might be thought of as an innate skill, but it actually comes from the brain and can be trained up just like anything else. The benefits of CBD flower when ingested through CBD products like these from Plain Jane have been shown to be hugely beneficial for the brain. CBD flowers increase healthy blood flow to your brain, giving it the best shot at functioning at its best.

Similarly, that stereotypical trope of cannabis smokers thinking and acting differently to sober people has a basis in truth. The CBD hemp flower has been shown in recent years to encourage divergent thinking, or thinking that differs from the norm. What could be better for when you are trying to explore new creative pursuits?

CBD bud and cannabis plant products are also proven to work as great pain relief for chronic pain and medical conditions that might obstruct you from pursuing your creative hobby of choice. If you have arthritis or some other muscle pain that stops you from holding a paintbrush for watercolors, for example, CBD hemp flowers might be able to help. Different strains have different side effects and benefits, so buying from a CBD market expert like Plain Jane will get you off to a good start of knowing what to try first, if you’re a newcomer.


Between kitting out your supply cupboard with canvas, loose painting supplies, watercolors, and more from Paint Loose and giving your brain a creative boost with CBD flower products, you’re in the best possible shape for making a splash in the creative world. You won’t believe the dramatic outcome that will come just from knowing where to look and who to ask for your first foray into the creative world.