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How Do I File a Claim After I’ve Been in a Car Crash?

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Accidents are inevitable for even the best and most careful of road users. It can be a great relief if it doesn’t end in fatalities, but the entire episode’s emotional distress can be hard to deal with. In the case of any medical bills for you or the accident victim, insurance claims can be a great way to reduce the burden of unplanned expenses. Here’s a guide to help you file a claim after being involved in a car crash.

Steps to Take After a Car Crash


Generally, the immediate moments after a car accident can leave you stranded. The following steps can help you keep calm and manage the hardships that come.

1. Check for any injuries.

Accidents can result in several types of injuries, from minor to catastrophic injury cases. Some personal injury victims, especially those who experience traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury cases, may have to deal with symptoms for longer years or even forever. Depending on the type of injury, a quick check immediately after the accident can be a timely intervention to save an auto accident victim years at the hospital or huge amounts in medical bills. For pet owners, the well-being of pets involved in the accident can also be a top priority.

2. Call for help as soon as possible.

In any accident, even if you’re the responsible party, your story matters. After checking for injuries, the next steps can begin with a call to law enforcement agencies like the police, ambulance, and other emergency responders. Those moments can be confusing, and you’ll need all the legal advice you can get. Those who don’t have lawyers can begin conversations with a personal injury law firm even before the unexpected happens.

There are several ways to enlist a personal injury lawyer. For example, if you’re anywhere in Alabama, it can be as easy as a quick search for “personal injury lawyer in Birmingham, AL.” In selecting the right personal injury attorney, a proven track record of success, extensive experience in the courtroom, quality of the legal services provided, and the legal options for personal injury victims are a few of the things to consider to help you settle on the best possible outcome. You can also look out for client testimonials. By checking reviews from websites and comments from social media, you can know what personal injury clients are saying and why you need to go with a particular choice.

3. Decide whether to file an insurance claim.

After automobile accidents, the last thing car owners want is the hassle of settling injury and replacement costs. Dealing with a responsible insurance company can provide maximum compensation and save you all the stress in getting things moving after a motor vehicle accident. An individual may be responsible for everything from fixing your car’s broken parts to paying for your injured pet’s health at the pet intensive care unit.

How do you make an insurance claim against someone else?


After investigations to fish out the responsible party in an accident, you can file a claim. This often comes after a free case evaluation of the situation. The evaluation will reveal the extent of damage to all parties involved, including pet patients. Generally, when making a claim against someone else, the other party’s insurers will facilitate the entire process to develop their own facts. They may take a long time to come up with a settlement offer.

How long after an accident can you file a claim?

Depending on the kind of case, car accident case results may involve complex litigation and a prolonged legal process. Several states and government entities also have different statutes of limitations. In the Birmingham area, or specifically with the Alabama Supreme Court, victims of a party’s negligence have about two years to file a claim. Two years may sound like a long time to rest on your laurels, but a qualified attorney needs optimum time to build a strong case in court for financial compensation.