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How To Deal With Mosquitoes on Your Residential Property

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Mosquitoes can be a pain, but they don’t have to live rent-free in the comfort of your home. They are an annoying part of nature that shouldn’t have a place in your family’s abode with their disease-ridden flying bodies. When you think about it, all you can do is prevent their entry and exterminate them if they are inside your home. Although this is easier said than done, with Bugs Be Gone, you can masterfully get rid of mosquitoes on your Birmingham, AL residential property.

Bugs Be Gone


Bugs Be Gone is a company that offers mosquito misting systems to clean your home of these annoying pests. If simply spraying mosquitoes with a brand or generic bug spray isn’t cutting it for your home, then you may want to give Bugs Be Gone a call very soon. They install innovative systems in your home to keep your family and friends safe from the threat that comes with living with mosquitoes.

Common Fixes

Sometimes, you may opt for installing fly screens to keep mosquitoes away from your home. This option can be futile because fly screens can develop holes or get torn into by other animals, which consequently will let mosquitoes into your house. Other times, you may opt for using repellent sprays; however, these may leave an inconvenient residue or odor throughout your rooms and hallways and may even stick to your furniture and appliances for years to come.


When all else fails, Bugs Be Gone’s mosquito-repelling systems will work like a charm. They offer the installation of nozzles so your home can be misted to control the abundance of mosquitoes. They can also feed insecticides directly into the nozzles so you can spray mosquitoes inside and outside your home with ease. You can set a perimeter around your house to create an invisible barrier to protect you, your family, and your pets.



You can complement their fantastic nozzle systems with your own preventive practices. These can include keeping your yard and garden free from breeding grounds for mosquitoes. They usually enjoy laying their eggs in any watery environment—from puddles to empty pots. This being said, you can remove any stagnant water from your garden or patio so they’re unable to breed.

You can also try to keep your gutters running freely, mend any leaky taps, change pet drinking bowls regularly, and cover or overturn any wheelbarrows or trailers that may be more prone to collect still water. If you own a pool, be sure to keep it clean, as pools are a gold mine for mosquito breeding if left unkept. Likewise, you should strive to completely seal your water tanks and verify any lids, covers, and inlet pipes for gaps.

Moreover, you can set out traps for mosquitoes. One of the easiest ways to get a mosquito trap is by buying it online; however, you can make one on your own and save some money in the process. You simply need to cut a bottle in half and flip the top half upside down so it’s tucked into the lower half. You’ll then need to boil a cup of sugar and water and then mix it with two cups of cool water. Let the water cool to about 90 degrees Fahrenheit and add a teaspoon of active yeast into the mixture. You can then pour the mix into the trap and secure both halves with tape. This contraption will attract mosquitoes and trap them in the sticky sugar until they are immobilized and out of your home for good, Replace the mixture periodically so you can keep trapping mosquitoes.

These tricks will help you get rid of mosquitoes in your home with ease.