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How To Get the Help You Need After a Motorcycle Accident

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Unlike motorists who drive protected from the elements, the only protection that most motorcycle riders have is their helmets. Given what little protection they have from potential collision crashes and other accidents, it’s no wonder, and rather unfortunate, that most motorcycle accidents end in fatalities. Some of the common causes of motorcycle accidents today include reckless driving by motorists, lane-splitting, speeding, running a red light, distracted driving, and more.

Being the victim of a motorcycle crash is a traumatic experience, one that nobody should go through. However, should you find yourself involved in a motorcycle accident, here are a few steps to take to help you get the care you need.

Seek medical treatment for your injuries.


Seek medical attention immediately after the accident, regardless of the severity of the crash, the sensation of physical pain, or the appearance of injuries. Some common motorcycle accident injuries such as spinal cord injuries, dental injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and bone injuries take some time to show their symptoms. To rule out any future medical problems, have a doctor examine you.

If you require dental treatment—implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry—as a result of the accident and need help accessing dental care, your primary care physician can refer you to a dentist they trust. If you’re in the Morristown area, for instance, your insurance provider can also help you find in-network dentists in Morristown, NJ.

Given that some dental procedures may not be covered by your insurance company, keep a record of all the out-of-pocket expenses you incurred during your dental treatment to ensure you’re reimbursed for this as part of your injury claim.

File a police report.


If you’re the victim of a motorcycle crash, file a police report shortly after receiving medical treatment for your injuries. Filing a police report allows you to build a credible motorcycle accident claim case because it acts as evidence to counter the at-fault party’s version of events. Don’t speak to the insurance adjuster before consulting with your attorney.

Some of the information that’s recorded in a police report includes the date of the accident, images of the accident scene, the location of the motorcycle wreck, witness statements, and the extent of the injuries suffered by bystanders, the biker, and the motorist. Lastly, make sure that you get a copy of the police report.

Hire a personal injury attorney.


As a motorcycle accident victim, it’s important to get in touch with a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. Motorcycle lawyers are attorneys experienced in litigating motorcycle accident cases. Their job is to offer legal counsel by helping you understand the details of your injury case. They’ll also conduct an independent investigation to establish the negligent party. Doing this will help them determine what counts as fair compensation.

Surveys done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) find that nearly 80 percent of recorded motorcycle accidents result in catastrophic injuries such as paralysis, disfigurement, brain damage, or death. As a result of their injuries, accident victims often incur expensive medical bills due to the loss of income if they can’t work, multiple surgeries, doctor’s appointments, mental health care, ambulance costs, hospitalizations, and more.

The resulting emotional distress, physical pain, and loss of consortium can also prove challenging. A motorcycle accident lawyer works to ensure that the victim wins the maximum compensation they deserve for these and other damages.

If you need help finding legal representation after a motorcycle crash, contact your state bar association to find qualified personal injury law firms in your area. Most state bar associations offer free referral services that can help you find a licensed motorcycle accident attorney. They also have up-to-date records of all the attorneys licensed to practice in your state.