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How to Start a Rescue or Other Animal Nonprofit

a group of dogs standing on a rock

It’s basically a fact: Pets are the best. Though every pet is different, dog and cat parents will attest that their fur babies are loyal, and provide endless comfort and entertainment. Many pet parents might even wish they could open their home to as many furry friends as possible, clean up and all. Animal nonprofits and rescue agencies have opened their property to house and protect those creatures less fortunate, with the hopes of finding them a backyard or home to run around in all their own.

Starting such an agency understandably comes with many rules and legal protocols to assure that the best of intentions are there to protect these animals, and assure they wind up with loving and doting owners. From working with your Secretary of State’s office to dealing with the IRS ahead of any tax issues, there’s plenty of dirty work before there’s a chance to open shelters on any commercial property to provide a safe haven to those animals that need some extra love.

After the legal and governmental hurdles are eventually cleared, now comes time to cultivate public support.

To operate a nonprofit, you need to raise funds, and outreach is paramount

img is a P2P texting platform. Peer-to-peer texting, also known as P2P text, is a form of SMS that allows a person to quickly and efficiently send out texts to large groups of people while having the opportunity to have a two-way conversation between the sender and recipient. These are commonly used in nonprofit organizations as it gives the ability to reach large amounts of people in a conversational manner and also allows these organizations to collect real-time data from voters or even collect potential donors.

It’s an affordable way to communicate

Peerly technology makes it easy to engage large groups of people at once and start valuable real-time conversations with an unlimited number of people. Plus, their peer-to-peer texting system allows you to hold thousands of conversations daily, for just pennies each.

It’s an easy to stay connected

P2P texts work by allowing one individual or several people the ability to quickly send individual texts to large groups of recipients. A volunteer or agent can sit behind a computer and after drafting a template and selecting the contacts they wish to text, they are able to go through their list and with the press of a button they can quickly send each text.

Nonprofits have seen support for operating costs by establishing membership programs. Some programs offer benefits, like special prizes or apparel. Other rescue agencies simply ask members to donate because they believe in the cause. Recruiting members can be assisted by Peerly, as well as through some publications to explain what you’re doing for animals and why.

The first step to dealing with your organization’s money is to establish some kind of accounting system. A good system will document income and expenses in easily understandable categories. It allows for nonprofits and rescue agencies to create budgets based on goals and needs to be allocated over a fiscal year.


Once the rescue agency is established, it’s important not to waste funds, especially on pet waste. The Scoop Troop, a dog poop yard cleaning service, comes with a “doody-free guarantee” for a clean yard. The Scoop Troop is a dependable weekly service with customized affordable plans.

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