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How Women In Law Dress For Success

Dress For Success

Dressing professionally for any job is a requirement. If you walk into a place of employment that requires a business dress code, dressed in anything less than this, can possibly mean the end of your job. Sure, there are places of employment that don’t require much more than a business casual dress. Men can probably get away with a wearing pair of khakis, casual loafers, and a polo shirt. On the other hand, a woman’s business casual attire can include something as simple as a collared or non-collared blouse, dress or skirt slacks, high heels, dress boots, and flats. Keep reading for tips on how women in law dress for success.

Be taken seriously by the court.


For law firms though — this is a different story. When working as a lawyer, for such thriving firms as Dante Law, professionalism is a huge component of how the job is performed. Practicing law is an important occupation, and to exude anything less than this with one’s appearance can be detrimental to any case that’s being handled. Sure, it’s funny to see the befuddled, and unkempt lawyer on television or in film, but imagine stepping into a courtroom in such a manner.

Envision a meeting with an important client, and your clothes are in a state of disarray. Slovenly dress exudes to both a judge and jury that you possibly don’t know what you’re doing. If you’re not willing to dress your best for something as important as this court case, who’s to say that you know how to actually practice law?

As of 2018, about 38% of lawyers in the United States were women. This means there are 400,000 women making up about 1 in 3 lawyers in the country. Many of these women are some of the most talented attorneys practicing right now, at firms that enforce a rigid dress code, and dressing the part is part of the game.

Think of the Client


For a potential client, their legal counsel not being dressed for victory can cause that client to believe that they’ve possibly made the incorrect choice in an attorney. Dressing well simply shows that a person cares. If you care enough to look professional, then there’s a better chance that this concern will extend towards the clients that you take on.

What is the best outfit for a woman in law?


To begin with, an acceptable choice of clothing includes lightweight sweaters such as turtlenecks, crew, V-neck, and cardigans. These can also include vests that can be worn with short or long-sleeved shirts which are also acceptable. Jackets for women can also be useful with dressing successfully for a career as an attorney.

Acceptable tops that can be worn in the law office include knit tops, collared polo shirts, and blouses. Acceptable pants will include linen blends, silk, twills or corduroy, capri pants that end close to the ankle, and khakis. To round out what the list of appropriate items to wear, let’s focus on shoes.

What are the best shoes for women in law?


Exuding a sense of professionalism extend extends to what a woman wears on her feet. Such types of footwear can include pumps or any updated style with a low or stacked heel, thin- to medium-sole leather shoes, open-toed or dress sandals, and loafers.

What outfit is considered unprofessional for women in law?

Now let’s look at those clothing choices which might not help when dressing success. These can include (though are not limited to) tight, sheer, and low-cut clothing of any style. Sweatshirts, T-shirts, any type of denim, of any color, spaghetti straps, open backs, midriff, tank tops, halter tops, and Capri pants that end close to the knee. Shoes that women in law shouldn’t wear, if they are seeking success in the law field, include athletic shoes, moccasins, flip-flops, and platform heels — keep it professional!