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New To Colorado? Check Out These Services For You & Your Home

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Moving can be exciting. You have a chance to explore new terrain and meet new people. You’ll also enjoy new academic, social, career, and recreational opportunities. For example, a move to L.A. could give an aspiring actor from Wasilla, Alaska, a chance to take classes from experienced professionals. Moving to Colorado offers someone from Florida a chance to learn how to climb mountains or ski.

Moving can also be daunting, however. You may not know the area well, which means you could feel disoriented. You’ll also need to locate all the service professionals you need in your new state. Read on to learn how to identify household and personal experts who can provide the services you need in Colorado.

Landscape Architects


Growing plants is more challenging in Colorado because of the short growing season. While the average high temperatures in July might be similar in Denver and Philadelphia, Denver’s January low is much colder. Denver gets more sunshine, while Philadelphia gets almost three times the annual rainfall of Colorado’s capital.

Since the elevation, shortened growing season, rainfall amounts, and volume of sunshine all impact plant growth, it’s a good idea to turn to local landscaping experts familiar with Colorado’s terrain and weather. Google “landscape architecture in Denver” to locate local landscape architects who can develop a suitable landscape design for your property. Whether you’re looking for an urban design or an evergreen retreat, experienced landscape architects can develop a sustainable outdoor space suited to your needs and preferences. Your landscape architects can create a design, build required structures, and plant trees, shrubs, and other plants. Expert landscaping crews can also maintain your property, ensuring your plants thrive.



As you probably know, dentists are medical professionals who care for your teeth. They also care for their patients’ gums and mouths. Your dental health affects your appearance, and dental problems can trigger other health problems. Oral health issues can contribute to cardiovascular issues, problems during pregnancy, and endocarditis.

Find a new dentist in Centennial CO, and schedule an appointment. It’s normal to book dental appointments twice a year. Your dentist can clean your teeth and assess your dental health, identifying any concerns about your dental needs. Whether you need oral implants, fillings, crowns, or a bite guard, a family dentist can offer essential dental services needed to protect your teeth and gums for years to come. It’s also a great idea to find the best dental team in your area to ensure you can receive prompt treatment if you have a dental emergency.

HVAC Technicians


Many homes in Colorado don’t have central air, but they do have furnaces. Nights start getting frosty in October, and temperatures drop throughout November and December. January’s the coldest month of the year, with the state averaging lows of -8°F and highs of just 25°F. Although some parts of the state enjoy temperatures above the state averages, a working furnace is crucial. Average temperatures remain below freezing in February. Warm weather returns in May, although it’s still cold in the mountains at night.

One of your top priorities should be locating a certified heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) technician to service your furnace and ensure your home’s heating system is working correctly. Heating systems should be inspected in the fall to ensure your furnace is ready for the cold winter months ahead.

Doctors and Health Facilities


You’ll need a new primary care physician when you move to Colorado. It’s a good idea to start looking for a new doctor immediately to ensure you find the best doctor for your health needs. You may need to find a pediatrician if you have children. You may prefer to find a geriatrician if you have older family members who need medical care. You can also opt to choose a nurse practitioner as your primary health care provider.

Compile a list of local medical facilities to ensure you know where you can receive medical care. Medical clinics provide walk-in services for patients. Hospital emergency room teams treat patients injured in accidents. Locating local health facilities before an emergency arises ensures you can respond promptly in a medical emergency.

Turn to trusted local landscape architects to create the perfect outdoor space when you move to Colorado. Research local dentists and doctors to ensure you maintain your health. Locate an HVAC tech to ensure your home’s furnace is working correctly before winter.