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Opening and Owning a Bar: Everything You Need To Know

Opening and Owning a Bar

There’s nothing quite like a bar atmosphere where people come together and enjoy great drinks and better conversation. Whether it’s a themed location, a dive bar where everybody knows your name, or a rooftop location, it’s always a good time to go out for a night on the town. If you are interested in the hospitality business, you may have a good time opening and owning a bar of your own.

Just like opening a restaurant, there are plenty of requirements and responsibilities that come with opening and owning a great bar. Make sure you’re prepared in the best way so you can guarantee success for yourself once you open. You have the unique opportunity to share great drinks and sometimes amazing food all while helping people in your community make memories in different ways. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you open and own a successful bar.

Choose a concept and a name.

The best bars have that unique charm or fun flair that makes guests want to come back over and over again. Start your adventures in bar ownership by coming up with your unique concept. This will also include coming up with a recognizable name and a great brand. Even if you’re going with the dive bar feel, you’ll still need recognizable branding and a concept that will prove you’re offering a great place for craft beer or specialty cocktails.

Figure out the business and building aspect of your bar.

Even though opening a bar may seem like all fun and games, you still need to handle all the nitty-gritty details. Treat this as a true business venture by getting all your ducks in a row. Make sure you have a good business lease, proper licenses, and the right financial backers to stay afloat. You’ll also need to maintain your building with modified built-up roofing, a great paint job, and proper AC units. These may feel like minor fixes or renovations, but they’re important to handle so you can move on to the more creative aspects of bar ownership.

Create your dynamic menu and creative concoctions.

You can’t have a bar without great drinks and offerings. Once you know what you want to be recognized for, it will help you come up with these creative concoctions. Maybe you want to sell a good selection of craft beers and crazy brew options. Perhaps you specialize in exciting shots that everyone will enjoy. Or you could be known as a speakeasy venue that offers high-class cocktails for fancy folks. Whatever you decide, have fun creating a great menu that fits your vibes.

Find the perfect suppliers.

As a seller of alcohol, you’ll be working with plenty of distributors who help you get the cases of beer, wine, and liquor you need to cultivate your own incredible selection. Find a great Beer distributor in Allentown, PA, or a wine seller in Napa Valley that will work with you to provide the best options in a timely manner. These relationships can make or break your business, so make sure you prioritize positive interactions with suppliers.

Get great staff and bartenders.

Any great bartender knows that interacting with guests is a huge part of their job. They often end up hearing all the drama and woes of the people coming in for a drink after a hard day at work. This is why you need to invest in great staff at your bar. Work with people who have good energy and look forward to building those relationships and friendships with your various patrons. A great team is one of the best ways to create a stronger bar atmosphere.