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Time Tracking Made Easy With Cloud-Based Time Sheets

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Being a business owner or manager, whether you’re running a small business or a large business, is a big job. If you’re a business manager, you know that it’s way more than just running a Google Drive folder with a few lists. You have to keep on top of everything from marketing to hiring practices, plus keeping one finger on the pulse of the organization as you encourage growth.

With that being said, what can a business leader such as yourself do to make your pursuit of excellence easier? The truth is that there are tools out there that can streamline business processes and make your life easier. One of those is the genius of cloud-based time sheets. Don’t keep track of your employees’ hours manually when you could use a mobile app. Let’s take a look at the cloud services you could (and should) be using and what impact they have on your success.

Using a personal cloud shows how much you care for your team.


When a staff member walks into your office and sees piles of papers littering your desk and piling up in the corners, it doesn’t inspire confidence. In fact, quite the opposite. How can that employee know whether you keep their time sheet in a folder in a file cabinet or strewn on top of a bookcase, collecting dust? Whether your business is in the real estate industry or you build hard drives and smart TVs, you need to think about how you show your employees that they matter. Employees who feel appreciated work harder, so it’s a good idea to take your business processes to the next level when it comes to files and folders.

Cloud services offer you easier access to files.


A personal cloud storage device is an easily installed addition to your office setup, and it will organize your whole workflow in no time. No more trying to remember which hard drive the time sheets are on, or worrying that you’ll run out of storage space on your Dropbox, iCloud, or Google Drive that has limited GB or MB. A personal cloud device comes with plenty of TB (terabytes) for storage space, more than you’d be able to use, even if you sync it to all of your mobile devices. Speaking of sync capabilities—doesn’t it sound nice to be able to access files on a mobile app so that you can resolve timekeeping issues from the comfort of your couch? This is possible with the remote access a personal cloud with the time sheets on it gives you.

A happier team means a better customer experience.


As mentioned above, a happier team works harder, regardless of the industry your business operates in. The other side of that coin, of course, is that when you have a harder working staff who function at peak capacity and think of new ways to grow your organization, you get a better customer experience.

A great example of a business leader who sees the connection between employee experience and customer experience is Venterra CEO John Foresi. John Foresi and Andrew Stewart launched Venterra Realty as a way to provide the best service to anyone who rents their many apartment homes across many major US cities. That being said, they didn’t stop at just putting great stainless steel appliances and wood plank vinyl floors in those apartments, though. No, Venterra Realty prides itself on incorporating the core values of the organization into every single aspect of their apartment communities. You’d better bet that the CEO of Venterra Realty uses cloud storage services to streamline business services.

Keep your time sheets secure.


Another great aspect of a personal cloud as opposed to a generic cloud storage service, like Dropbox, is that they come with smarter encryption that means not just anyone with Wi-Fi can download your documents. You don’t want to compromise the security of these sensitive documents just for the convenience of a mobile app and unlimited storage capacity, of course, and these devices mean you don’t have to. Say goodbye to time sheets getting lost in a messy office or due to external drive fails, or hackers getting access to your online cloud storage. With this advanced configuration and encryption, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that every specific folder is exactly where and how you left it.

It’s hard enough to run a business, but fortunately, technology can make things easier. There are storage options out there that only require Wi-Fi and a laptop (or any mobile devices) and can allow you to manage your time sheets with ease and convenience. Plus, these great options mean that you don’t have to compromise on the security of your documents, either. Enjoy tons of TB of storage and the security that a public cloud service just can’t give you by organizing your time sheets on a personal cloud storage device.