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Tips for Keeping Your Shopping Habits a Secret

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E-commerce is on the rise with no signs of stopping, making it possible to purchase nearly anything online from the comforts of home. We’ve always known that snooping eyes can rummage through our delivered packages at any time to try and find out what’s inside. Now that there are electronic devices paying attention to every online move you make, it’s become even more challenging to shop in secret.

As anxious as online shopping can make us, there are ways to maintain discreteness. Here are tips for keeping your shopping habits a secret.

Cover Your Tracks

The internet remembers everything you search for. Anyone with access to your shared computer could view your search history, so always remember to clear your recent search history and consider searching in a private browser. Be mindful of cookies, too, as these save browsing information like passwords and search history. Clear your cookie information when you clear your search history to ensure all purchase data is erased.

Silence Your Ads

Ever notice how social media pop-up ads relate to your recent search history or online purchases? Remember to silence your ads on social media to prevent the wrong eyes from noticing that the internet is giving strong suggestions about your activity. Installing ad-blocking software can block pop-ups, banners, and various ads. Clear your recommendations on each online shopping website you use to prevent pop-up ads or recommendations for related products to your search.

Let’s say you are planning a surprise vacation and need to purchase a travel outfit or two from Paloma Clothing. The women’s clothing boutique carries stylish, socially responsible dresses, skirts, and more that are perfect for travel, work, and play. Paloma Clothing carries apparel by eco-friendly and cause-focused brands from Los Angeles and San Francisco. Your search history, ads, and cookies will likely reflect traveling and sustainability-themed recommendations unless you remember to cover your tracks.


Opt for Off-Site Delivery

Opt for off-site delivery of packages that are meant to be a surprise. If it’s not possible to ship a package to a friend’s house or your office, take advantage of an Amazon Locker for no additional fee. Packages under 20 pounds and valued at less than $5,000 that fit the locker dimensions can be delivered to an Amazon Locker near you in over 900 U.S. cities.

Ship Anon aims to become the go-to parcel platform for a high-class, private online ordering experience. Shoppers can enjoy anonymous delivery for pickup of online orders at set locations. Ship Anon strives for excellence in privacy and e-commerce through the use of blockchain technology. Under their privacy policy, all buyer data is fully expunged once a package is received. That means all bitcoin, credit card, PayPal, and pre-paid debit card information remains safe, giving shoppers the peace of mind to make anonymous purchases.


Control Notifications

All online orders come with tracking information and status update emails. You may not be able to disable all notifications, but you can control where notification emails go under the settings of your online account. The same applies to SMS notifications. You can control what phone number to send SMS text notifications to, or unsubscribe from notifications entirely.

For example, Joe Canal’s liquor store has a mobile app that allows store customers to order their alcoholic beverages for curbside pickup. The app tracks your order history and sends notifications about discounts, the latest news, and when curbside pickup orders are ready. Explore their wide selection of red wine and white wine from regions around the world and make your special occasion a true surprise.

Use Amazon Household

Amazon Prime comes with great features like free shipping and same business day deliveries. It also comes with Amazon Household, which allows two members of your household to have a personal account under the same membership. With Amazon Household, you decide what to share with your family so that gift purchases can be kept secret. Remember to turn off notifications on your phone so that the wrong eyes don’t notice a delivery is on the way.


Use these tips to keep your shopping habits a secret and purchase with peace of mind knowing that you can keep a surprise a secret.