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Tips To Help Your Teen Cope With Moving Out for College

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Taking the next step in life like attending college is always a new chapter that comes with its fair share of trepidation and uncertainty. However, you can make sure that your teen feels less stressed about the path ahead by making sure that they have the support they need during this transition.

Is your high school senior moving on to greener pastures? If so, here are a few tips to help your teen cope with moving out for college.

Keep them on track with academic planning and support


Adolescents going to college have a lot on their plate prior to moving away from home. Whether they’re signing up for classes or dealing with summer assignments, having support on their side to keep them on the right track can eliminate some of their stress. Take, for example, the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS). This organization offers outstanding students access to resources like mental health support, access to events for support during and after school, and even financial aid resources (National Honors Society scholarship, FAFSA tips, etc.). Financial aid can be one of the major sources of stress for your student and can be alleviated when students have access to a wide range of scholarship program resources, as well as support to afford their dorm and education. No matter what your teen needs on their journey, connect them with a resource designed specifically for their needs so they feel less stressed as they pursue higher education!

Plan out the move and get the help you need beforehand

The majority of the stress that comes from moving lies heavily in the planning stage. After all, if your child is moving to another city for college, they need to make sure they have everything they need at their disposal. One great way to get started is to create a college checklist of everything they need in their dorms. This list will include essentials like laptops and notebooks, bedding and artwork for their dorm, or appliances they can use in shared spaces. Make sure to go over this list multiple times and check off items as you go.

Once you have everything prepped for the move, you’re going to need support for the move itself. The problem? Those who need a truck rental often have to deal with rental companies that can have complex terms of service and a host of fees. If you don’t have a pickup truck and need a box truck to move everything to the college, you could use an app to find box trucks for rent in your area. This makes it easy to get a rental truck for your local move without extensive paperwork or confusing guidelines. When you have local rentals you can rely on, it will make the move less stressful for you and your teen.

Give them the tools they need to thrive after they make their home at college


Teens may not only be stressed about the move but also about what comes after. Look for strategies they can use to boost their mental health and stay on track. For example, giving them a bullet journal can make it easier for them to manage their time and their tasks as they navigate the college experience. How well they cope and manage adulthood relies on the tools you provide them with as they enter the world on their own.

Moving to college can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t always have to be this way. Learn how you can help your teen cope with the move and what the move entails using the tips above!