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What Are the Differences Between Cooling Systems?

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Summers are a time to relax, head to the beach on the weekends, and hang out in the backyard with friends when the sun goes down. However, summer is also a time when homeowners worry about home improvement projects and making sure that their homes are cool, well-insulated, and nice and comfortable when the temperatures are soaring outside. Many homeowners do this with a home equity loan from their lender, a personal loan, or even a home improvement loan if their credit score is good enough.

One of the main reasons why homeowners get home equity loans is to replace their cooling systems. If you’ve talked to your lender about a home improvement loan and now know the ins-and-outs of home improvement loans, then the only thing left is to decide which type of home improvements you’re going to complete.

The first one should be to take care of your cooling systems so that your home will be cool and comfortable when the heat waves hit this summer. Here, you’ll find a few of the cooling systems you can choose from to help you make the right decision after you’ve secured your home equity loan from your lender for your home improvement needs.

Central Air Conditioner/Heat Pumps


The most common type of cooling system you can find is a central air conditioner. While there are all types of cooling systems on the market, this is the one most people choose, especially since you can get an HVAC unit to cool and heat your home all in one system. Your lender should have no problem giving you a personal loan or you can even use a home equity loan to have this type of home improvement project completed. Heat pumps basically work the same way and are just as energy-efficient, and can also be done with a home equity loan from your lender.

Central air conditioners circulate air throughout your home with a network of ducts that keep everything from the kitchen to the bathrooms comfortable and cozy, whether it’s the winter or the summer. The cooling system is a two-part system, with a central air unit outside the home and a unit inside the home. You want to make sure that you get the right size unit for your home, as a unit that is too small or too large can be bad for your electric bill and fail to cool your home properly.

Room Air Conditioners


Room air conditioners have been around for quite some time and should be much cheaper than the central heat and air unit. These air conditioners can easily be purchased with cash on hand or a small personal loan, or even an unsecured personal loan. Room air conditioners are meant to be mounted in windows and work to cool one room or two small rooms at the most. Since they are only designed to cool one room, you may need quite a few units to keep the entire house cool. If you have a small house or apartment or looking to cool a small space, this could be a good option.

State of the Art Cooling


State of the art cooling is a system that’s designed to keep homes cool in hot, dry climates. It’s said to be more energy-efficient than other models and is actually a whole house fan, air conditioning unit, and an indirect water heater all in one. If you live in a hot, dry climate, this might be a system you want to look into when you get your home equity loan from your lender and try to determine which home improvement task to take on next.

These are just a few of the systems out there that you can use to cool your home this upcoming summer. If you’re going to get a home equity loan to make home improvements, then why not take care of your cooling needs while you’re at it. Just don’t forget that any home improvements have to be paid for and that the home improvement loans must be paid back with monthly payments as well before you start any home project.