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What is Unattended Death Cleanup?

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Death happens every day, in a multitude of ways. In the case of a family member succumbing to a terminal illness, heart attack, or other natural causes, the person’s passing may occur in their home. If we are lucky, we can say our goodbyes during these difficult situations, which can help to find solace and peace when the person passes. Unfortunately, there are times when someone dies, and no one is around to witness the passing. This is what is known as an unattended death. Here are a few steps to take following this type of death.

What to do?

When a dead body is found, it is important to notify the proper authorities. An unattended death clean up involves more than most people might consider. The police will come and investigate the scene and, in some situations, they’d even designate it as a crime scene. Often, an unattended death is not a homicide but rather due to an elderly person passing, but a coroner’s office must determine the cause of death. Once law enforcement has finished, a coroner will remove the body. After this period of time, a death clean-up will take place.

The process for a death cleanup.


When a deceased individual is found, it’s typically by a family member. This can be an extremely difficult time. Minds wander and emotions flare up from the shock of finding a loved one who has passed. That’s why it’s important to leave it to professionals who specialize in unattended death cleanup services to assist you during this difficult time.

The first steps of cleanup that your technician will take generally include picking up any physical remains left behind. This could be blood, bodily fluids, or other biological materials like hair, teeth, or nails. The cleanup process then moves to the unseen aspects. Decomposition can leave behind pathogens and biohazards that are health risks to people. If not properly treated, dangerous pathogens can grow in your carpet, drywall, or other areas that create an issue for more than just the impacted area, they can lead to property damage. Once the unattended death cleanup has removed biohazard materials, a technician will treat the affected area for odors.

Why is unattended death cleanup necessary?

There are several reasons why you should contact a professional for an unattended death cleaning service. As previously mentioned, there can be several types of harmful bacteria that could damage your personal property. The decomposition process often leads to pests gathering. Additionally, if law enforcement was involved there could be the need for a crime scene cleanup company. The cleanup then extends to fluids and materials that the police could have used during their investigation. Your insurance company may also require you to have it professionally cleaned to fulfill the contract of your homeowner’s insurance. Furthermore, a company can verify that any threats of infectious disease or bloodborne pathogens have been neutralized. You’ll be busy speaking with the coroner’s office, receiving the death certificate, and planning the funeral. When an unexpected death comes about, you don’t want to worry about the biohazard cleanup that needs to happen.

What to look for in a company.


An unexpected death is always a sensitive subject. Hiring a company that treats your family with compassion is important to your healing process. They should also treat the deceased with dignity, even if they’ve become a decomposed body. Their response time should also be equivalent to an emergency service. You don’t want to be around a former loved one’s body decomposition longer than necessary. There should be a strong foundation of science for the company’s biohazard remediation. The decomposition process can be more complex than you think. Finally, make sure you’re hiring trained experts. The cleaning and disinfection process shouldn’t leave you wondering about whether the area is safe for you and your belongings.